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T8 Pro Max Smart Watch


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T8 Pro Max Series 8 Smartwatch

Full Specs:
• Works on both iPhone and Android.
• Rise your hand to turn your screen
• More dial faces can be downloaded from app.
• Calculator
• Alarm Alert
• Colorful Display 45mm size
• Water Resist
• Sleep Monitoring

• Split Menu

• Password Protection

• 3 Ringtones, Volume and Vibration
• Multiple Faces Themes of iWatch series 4/5/6
• Find Band/Mobile
• You can change any straps of 44mm size
• Oxygen Level Check
• Heart Rate
• Calories Burn
• Blood pressure
• Phonebook Contacts List, you can call anyone directly with your watch
• Battery Timing 15hr to 18hr
• Voice Recoding for 4 minutes
• Mute/Silent your phone directly
• All Social/Msg/WhatsApp/Calls
• Side button for screen turn off and turn on
• Music Controller Next/Previous/Play/Stop
• Brightness Adjustment With Daylight option
• Call Accept and Reject with HD Voice quality
• Football, Running, Swimming, Basketball, Table Tennis, Cycling, Badminton, Climbing, Skipping Reps, Sit up etc.

Package included:
– T8 Pro Max Series 8 Smartwatch (original)

– Silicone Straps

– Instructions Manual

– Magnetic Charger


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